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Frost Factory Snow Cone – Sativa Blend-Pre-Rolls

Frost Factory Snow Cone – Sativa Blend-Pre-Rolls

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Frost Factory has established a reputation for cultivating and growing some of the highest-quality marijuana flower in the world. Their skilled team specializes in discovering rare strains and creating trichome-rich cannabis through cross-breeding and cold-curing. The company’s approach to growing these premium flowers is meticulous, starting with hand-trimming each plant to ensure the finest results. The result is top-notch bud that is not only visually appealing to the eyes of a cannabis connoisseur, but also packs a hard-hitting and delicious punch.


Try Frost Factory’s Snow Cones for a premium, euphoric cannabis experience with maximum flavour and freshness — each pre-roll contains 1g of premium Sativa flower, hand-painted with Frost Factory’s special terp sauce, and then powdered in quad kief for an extra kick. This pack contains 10 Frost Factory Sativa Blend pre-rolls.

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