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Green Guys



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Habibi is an Arabic word that literally translates to “my love.” Which is exactly how you’ll feel about this
sticky Moroccan hash. Morocco is known to produce some of the best hash in the world, and one puff of
this hash will instantly transport you to the old world markets of Morocco.

This hash is oh-so sticky and literally oozing with THC resin. This pliable hash goes great in pipes, bongs
or joints. Don’t heat it up or your fingers will be coated brown, but rather break up into small little nerds
& add some plant or tobacco to help it smoke.

This hash has an old world feel to it and you can taste the quality and craftmanship that goes into
making it. Very smooth smoke, with a clear, relaxed high that will have you alternating from wanting to
change the world, to wanting another bag of oreos.

This hash rocks! Wanna go old school? This hash will take you there……..

Naked’s hash connoisseur rating:

TASTE: 4/5
AROMA: 5/5

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